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What We Do

The Spruce is fresh but never trendy.
Our eco friendly process is designed to unleash the stylish home you didn't know you had.

The Style is chic but practical.

We teach the skills needed to help you look your best, and share organizational tools that enable you to dress sustainably by creating more outfits with fewer items. 


Our Services

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Interior Design

We help salvage the good, as we reimagine your entire home interior, saving time, money, and the planet.

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Wardrobe Design

We transform your wardrobe into one that is versatile, functional, stylish, and flattering.

                                                         OUR MAGIC FORMULA

+ The elimination of non-essentials

+ Authentic classics juxtaposed with fresh, updated ideas

+ The celebration of each & every beautiful, intriguing, character-enhancing imperfection

= Amazing style, unleashed


Ready to spruce? Ready to style?

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