the Interior

our three-step interior design package





Step 1. Start Where You Are


On-site Session #1(2 hours)

We do a "walk-through" of your home to gather information, measurements, and photos. This is our chance to hear your vision, to scope out your hidden gems, and to get a feel for the mood and style of your family & your space.



Step 2. Use What You Have


The polish Brainstorm (6 hours)
Between sessions, our team will gather ideas, work on designs, and create computer-generated drawings

On-site Session #2 (2 hours) 2 weeks after session #1


We believe more stuff does not equal more style; therefore, our goal is to awaken your style and help you to freshen up your home using mostly what you already have.


At this session, you will receive:

  • a Diagnosis to pinpoint why your house is not living up to your hopes and dreams

  • a Prescription of simple Improvements you can make quickly for Immediate Impact

  • a personalized Style Profile with tips to achieve your desired look

  • Bursts of Inspiration and a plethora of ideas to activate your creativity

  • 3 detailed design concepts for visualizing your new space. (We provide print-outs, as well as a flash drive for you to review again at a later time.)




Step 3: Do What You Can


On-site Session #3 (2 hours)

After you have chosen a concept, and all preliminary work has been completed (walls painted, furniture moved, etc.) we return for a final polish session to implement the finishing touches. Here we work the magic as we generate atmosphere & make actual design modifications for immediate impact.

We will leave you with a fresh updated space that better reflects your needs and your style