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the style

wardrobe design

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Chic but practical.

Strategies to stream-line your approach to wardrobe, style, and personal-image, paring down your morning routine while utilizing pieces you already own.


The Style provides renewed personal confidence, styling insights & strategies.

We believe more stuff does not equal more style.

Contact us to customize a package that will transform your personal style while revealing a wardrobe that is versatile, functional, stylish, and flattering, using predominately items that you already have. 

Some of our offerings:

  • Using our Module Wardrobe System, we revamp your closet, full of unused items, into a simplified, working, interchangeable wardrobe.

  • Learn how to align your style with your lifestyle, body proportions, most-flattering colors, and unique style personality, via your Personal Style Profile Analysis.

  • Receive personal guidance and styling recommendations to update your look and elevate your style.

  • Have FUN as we experiment with possible outfit combinations, identifying items that will form the foundation of your wardrobe, noting gaps, and recording your Best Looks.

  • Receive guidance for seasonal wardrobe tweaks, outfit formulas, vacation packing, upcoming events, accessorizing, seasonal color palettes, and much more!

Imperfection is Beautiful.

Salvaged is Superior.

Simplicity is Transformative.

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