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Nothing New But Style

We polish home interiors and personal style 

by reusing your available resources.

Using a keen eye and knowledge of design principles, we refresh your style by salvaging the good and eliminating the clutter, saving time, money and the planet. 

Unlike traditional stylists who sell products, we awaken style.


Our System

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Building on Authur Ashe's famous words, we help you to cultivate your own sense of style in all areas of your life, from home, to wardrobes, to celebrations.

Let your collected items

tell your unique story

Simplify gatherings by creating

a festive mood, using what

you have on hand.

Learn skills to streamline

your personal styling strategy

and maximize your closet.

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We believe that great style is balanced

(Old mixed with new; Vintage with modern)

...and true style brings balance to our lives. (Clothes should be comfortable; Homes should be livable; Events should be fun.)  We believe more stuff does not equal more style.


Our Projects

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Our Philosophy

Our styling system is built on three ideas.

Imperfection is beautiful.

Salvaged is superior.

Whether it be an update to your surroundings or a refresh of your personal style, we begin with the environmentally  friendly notion to keep what is good and use what you have. This second guiding principle builds upon the first; the fact that used goods may be tarnished, faded, or in some way less than perfect, is exactly what makes them interesting, authentic, unique, and truly beautiful. And as a bonus, think of all the money (and energy, and trees, and fuel…) that could be saved if we were able to ecologically tweak our way to a total style transformation!


Simplicity is transformative.

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