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the Closet

Our organizational styling system



On-site session (4 hours)


Step 1: Start Where You Are


We begin by considering one of your favorite outfits, and with a few simple tricks and tweaks, we add a little polish to make it even better.

We also examine a number of your favorite "go-to" clothing items to assess your current style, obstacles, and challenges.




Step 2: Use What You Have


We introduce you to our unique Module Wardrobe System, helping you to create complete, working outfits that are practical and stylish, using what you already have.

Using our Module system…


  • We transform your closet, full of unused items, into a simplified, working, interchangeable wardrobe.

  • We share styling recommendations using basics combined with your personality pieces.

  • We Identify items that will form the foundation of your wardrobe, noting any gaps.

  • We have FUN as we experiment with possible outfit combinations, recording your Best 10 Looks.



Step 3: Do What You Can


We demonstrate our module closet-organizing formula, and provide the tools needed to maintain your polished look.


You will receive…


  • a Closet Module Rubric worksheet to help you to identify the backbone of your wardrobe

  • the Closet Kit for organizing your clothes and simplifying your morning routine

  • Top 10 Personal Outfit Inspiration Board

  • The polish Shopping Rules

  • a convenient Wallet "Lookout" Card


We leave you with renewed personal confidence, styling insights and strategies, and an organized closet.

 Style add-on options
$90 per 90-minute session

  • Creation of a product plan (our suggestions for specific product purchases, and product information, to complete your look)

  • On-site help with finishing touches (special occasion outfit tweaks: fashion advice; general suggestions for future purchases; etc.)

  • On-site question/answer session for your wardrobe dilemmas. 



Quick Shine text consultation
$19 per session


Personal text support for a quick question or two.

Text your photos and questions to 812.212.6569 and 814.571.5078.
We’ll get back to you ASAP

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