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the Core

Our foundational personal style assessment





Step 1: Start Where You Are


Before meeting with you in your home, we ask you to complete our online worksheet to determine your Style Personality, Color Preferences, Body Proportions, & Lifestyle Needs.




Step 2: Use What You Have


On-site session (90-minutes)


We start with a quick overview of your questionnaire results. Then, to better understand your wardrobe struggles & style decisions, we take a look at the clothing items you wear most, and the ones you wear least, to determine any shopping patterns or inconsistencies.

Using our Revamp system…


  • We home in on an ideal color palette based on your current clothing

  • We adjust and refine your outfits to reflect your style personality 

  • We show you how to wear your clothes in a way that flatters your body proportions

  • We suggest Outfit Formulas that suit your style and expand your wardrobe

  • We share styling recommendations using clothing that you have and don't know how to wear.



Step 3: Do What You Can


Based on your input and our analysis, you will receive a personalized Style Profile Analysis, consisting of:

  • a Lifestyle Graph, providing insight into the clothing that you actually need vs. your fantasy wardrobe.

  • a Style Personality Sheet highlighting specific elements of your authentic signature style.

  • Seasonal Color Palette suggestions, representing your most flattering colors.

  • Style Tips to enhance your unique body type

                           Style add-on options
                                   $90 per 90-minute session

  • Creation of a product plan (our suggestions for specific product purchases, and product information, to complete your look)

  • On-site help with finishing touches (special occasion outfit tweaks: fashion advice; general suggestions for future purchases; etc.)

  • On-site question/answer session for your wardrobe dilemmas. 

                      Quick Shine text consultation
                                          $19 per session

    Personal text support for a quick question or two.
    Text your photos and questions to 812.212.6569 and 814.571.5078.

    We’ll get back to you ASAP

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