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Meet Marlene

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Creating beauty has always been my love language. Resourcefulness, my superpower.

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It began at a very early age.

Making toys out of discarded packaging, fabric remnants, and household throwaways.

In elementary school, I had a business. Selling pom pom pins made from unraveled sweaters and tiny, exquisite rock collections housed in empty match boxes.

By junior high, I was making all of my own clothes...out of sheets, blankets, curtains 

or remaking clothes from remnants that no one wanted. Embroidering, painting, and

dying them, to make them my own. 


My husband claims it was my homemade overcoat sewn from a thrifted 

army blanket that made him fall for me.


It went on like this.

There were the jobs that morphed into design roles. Bistro server to ambiance-creator;

Thrift store volunteer to window display artist; Office manager to home interior stylist.

Next came the themed children's parties, the custom Halloween costumes, the one-of-

a-kind prom dresses, and the DIY wedding preparations using only available resources

and imagination. 



A lifetime of experiences and passion led me to where I am now,

doing what I was always destined to do.



According to the VIA Institute on Character, regular use of one’s strengths results in deep

happiness. My profile indicates my top strengths as Creativity, Zest, and Appreciation

of Beauty and Excellence.

The polish gives me the opportunity to use each of these strengths every day.

For which I am deeply happy.

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Style is my obsession. Sustainability is my jam.

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