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Nothing New But Style

We polish home interiors and personal style by reusing your available resources.

Using a keen eye and knowledge of design principles, we refresh your style by salvaging the good and eliminating the clutter, saving time, money and the planet. 

Traditional stylists sell products. We awaken style.

our concept

The Concept

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Building on Arthur Ashe's famous words, we help you to cultivate your own sense of style in all areas of your life, from living spaces, to wardrobes.

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the spruce

Let your collected items
tell your unique story.

the style

Learn skills to streamline your personal styling strategy and maximize your closet.

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Great style is balanced

Old mixed with new. Vintage with modern.

True style brings balance to our lives. Clothes should be comfortable. Homes should be livable. 

We believe more stuff does not equal more style.

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Imperfection. Salvaged. Simplicity.

Imperfection is beautiful.

Why are we so drawn to the quirks, the dings, the patina, or the unexpected? Maybe it’s because these are the facets that breathe life into the stagnant. They add character to places and style to people. Imperfections make our world alluring. When we start where we are—celebrating the nicks while enhancing the very best attributes—we find much to be admired about the homes we already have and the bodies we were born with. All that is needed is the polish.

(That’s where we come in!)


Salvaged is superior.

Whether it's an update to your surroundings or a refresh to your personal style, we begin with the environmentally friendly notion to keep what is good and use what you have. The fact that used goods may be tarnished, faded, or in some way less than perfect, is exactly what makes them interesting, authentic, unique, and truly beautiful. And as a bonus, think of all the money (and energy, and trees, and fuel…) that could be saved if we were able to ecologically tweak our way to a total style transformation!

Simplicity is transformative.

After a certain number of years, we all become somewhat blind to our surroundings and our appearances. We don’t notice that styles have changed, that our bodies have changed, that our needs have changed, or that we have changed. Unfortunately, not all of our accumulated style elements continue to serve us well. The remedy? Name the reality, reassess the goal, then edit, edit, edit. Through the lens of a streamlined wardrobe and refined furnishings, we’ll demonstrate how to do what you can in a way that simply looks, feels, and works better for you.

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